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TravoCRM is the travel industries first context-aware service desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer and deliver good to great experience. A simple yet intuitive way to manage your customer sales or service inquiries, promote your business, and save your business from bad customer experience. TravoCRM is purpose built to meet the travel industry customer relationship management.

07 December 2019

Travel industry is very competitive, so you need some tool to track every footprint and can identify the Genuine Customer. TravoCRM is the right customer relationship management and sales tracking tool that help with measurement, scrutiny, help analyze loses and wins, and support business leaders with strategic planning. We help our clients to align their organization around what truly matters. The result is a clear story for how their strategy should translate to customers, with tools that drive their organization in how to change.

07 December 2019
A Short demo video. Un-edited.
Fast & Easy to Use

Add leads, customer data, flights, hotels, packages & many more. You can add all details to your heart in the notes field. Set reminders and schedule tasks for you and your team.

Hassle Fee Campaigning

Start using the in-built service to send SMS and Emails to connect with your customers without any extra configurations.

Quote & Itinerary

Build and generate PDF with customized quote and day wise itinerary in minutes!

add leads
Add Lead

Never miss a client again by using our CRM, simply add the enquiry details and you can keep track of the progress of your leads.

Customize Travel Packages

Create various master packages so that it can be added during lead creation & send those details to your supplier at the same time.

any device
Access Anytime-Anywhere

Manage and access your team and your customers anytime or anywhere, on any device.




Manage leads with timely follow ups. Don't miss a single opportunity to engage with your audience.



Always find the contacts and accounts when you need them. You can add the family details, tag them to different groups.



TravoCRM helps you schedules your actions so that no deal falls through the cracks. Keep track of activities and reminders.



Send the right message at the right time. Unique and exciting feature to send email and SMS to the segmented target list.


Package And Quote

Create your own packages and customize them as required while adding to the lead.


Enhance your sales team’s processes, productivity and pipeline visibility with filtered reports for work and data.


Access Control

Add different users such as admin, managers, sales and operations team for better work clarity.

Todo List

Add & assign tasks within your team to handle your business more efficiently this is for features list info



Now you can take your business from good to great.

Free Trial

  • 8 to 14 days free trial
  • Unlimited users
  • Complete features access


$ 72
  • Per User. Per Year
  • Minimum 5 Users
  • Complete features access
All Plans Include Following Features:
  • Create, Edit and View leads
  • Filter leads based on various inputs captured
  • Assign leads to your team members
  • Manage customized package inquiries at the lead itself
  • Manage your leads, reminders and much more on the go with our Android & iOS apps
  • Create your Organization hierarchy with sales and operations people
  • Manage your supplier data with various inputs
  • Send email to your suppliers directly from the portal
  • Generate various kinds of reports
  • Create follow up calls reports
  • Add and assign task as a to-do list
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • And much more

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