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SMS Advertising for enterprise.

Business SMS

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Cxessentials Business SMS helps you establish and maintain great to greater relationships and requirements you are looking for to effectively communicate with your customers & employees. With it, you can communicate promotions, new services, special offers, important corporate information, one-time password, travel alerts and booking confirmations, tele-voting or anything else in a flash. These are only a few of the many different ways you can use this solution to increase your business and brand exposure.

Best Prices

Reach and communicate with your customers or stakeholders at low prices and get a high ROI.

lowest price for sms

SMS with Business Name

Personalised SMS to include recipient name and personal information for targeted marketing campaigns.

business sms reports and analytics

Reports & Analytics

Increase your brand exposure and communicate with all your customers in a fast, reliable and intelligent way.

business sms API integration

SMS API Integration

Integrates users, web, desktop and business environments thereby boosting messaging and two-way interaction.


SMS advertising for enterprise.

We bridge messaging solution for your business needs.


Communicate promotions, offers, new services, special greetings, notifications, important corporate information, or whatever else it is that you need to communicate. You can send a single text to one recipient, or blast a message to a very large group of recipients.

Use either the full-featured desktop client, or a simpler, browser-based interface. An outlook plugin, a browser extension and SOAP/XML interfaces are also available.

Send standard SMS, flash SMS, or even personalized SMS. Long texts with up to 1530 characters are also supported. Message validity, recurrence, scheduled delivery and delivery reports are also available. Multi-Lingual characters supported, e.g. Arabic, Latin, Urdu, Hindi, English, French…etc.

With database functionality, Business SMS supports targeted delivery – your recipients can be defined with as much precision as your database has. You can even create templates for frequent dispatches.

Customizable sender names are available, and you can specify either numerical or English-word sender IDs, with maximum 11 characters. Automated responses to different keywords on the same short-code are also available.

The system supports integration with interfaces such as: SMPP, HTTP, HTTPs, SOAP/XML., and is customized to access: Web portal (secure), SOAP web service, SMS Gateway (SMPP), 2-way Interactive SMS (short code based), Desktop client, Outlook plug-in, SMS2email & email2SMS (SMTP), and Browser Firefox/IE Plug-in.


Flexible pricing to suit your exact needs. Our tariff plan provides you the flexibility to pay as much as you use every month.

# of SMS/MonthQR/SMS
Up to 10,0000.11
Up to 50,0000.10
Up to 100,0000.09
Up to 200,0000.08
Above 200,0000.07

A SMS can contain up to 160 characters in English, and up to 70 characters in Arabic.

The Important Bits.
  • One-time connection fee is QAR 500
  • Basic monthly rental fee is QAR 150
  • Short codes 92XXX monthly rental at QR 100
  • Free alphanumeric short codes.

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