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Video marketing combined with video content of all sorts is the most direct route from the eyes to the heart. It communicates quickly and effectively, and they boost response + ROI instantly.

We’ve experienced how visual communication takes place at lightning speed in the human brain. It is one of the most effective marketing is visual in nature in part because of the speed at which consumers skim from one activity to the next across all devices. Read more to know how we can help boost your business.

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Businesses need to fundamentally rethink their revenue profiles and strategies to position themselves for the long term and get ahead of the competition in the new normal. To do this companies must SHAPE up.

Video services

  • Stock footage
  • Motion graphics
  • Explainers
  • Short ads
  • Logo stings
  • Article to video
  • Breaking news video
  • Product promo
  • Typography
  • 3D holographic
  • Slideshow
  • Intros & Outros
  • Glitch
  • Educational
  • + More


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Not sure how effective these videos are or how it can help your business grow?

In this case, lets give you an insight about the benefits of explainer videos and why you should have one.

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They Build Trust and Credibility


To earn the trust of your customer, you need to engage with them. They need to feel that you have made an effort to reach out to them. Nothing is more engaging than a killer explainer video to show the customer that you have taken the effort to explain things to them.

They Boost Sales & Conversions


The purpose of having a video marketing campaign is to drive the customer to take some sort of action like a product purchase or email subscription. Explainer videos are a great way to do so as the customer gets a video preview of what to expect after buying into a product or service.

They Convey A Lot More Information in A Short Span of Time


According to Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words. Putting this into perspective, a one-minute video has the same influential power as 900 blog posts of 2000 words each.

They Improve Email Marketing Campaigns


According to Syndacast, just by including the word explainer video in the subject line, you can boost open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. These are perfect for nurturing leads.

They Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Webpages


By adding an explainer video, your visitors will spend more time on your website and could compel them to engage more around your site.

They Improve SEO Rankings


User engagement rate and time spent on a website is an important search ranking signal. Since viewers spend more time on your website by watching videos, search engines like Google will take your website is a useful one. This will help you rank better & drive in more organic traffic to your website.

Videos Have A Big Reach on Social Media Platforms


By having an explainer video you can reach a much wider audience on social media since social media are all about videos today.

They Are More Engaging & Compelling


A good explainer appeals to the emotion of the viewer. It highlights the difficulties that customers face and offers solutions to your problem. People are inspired to take action not based on fact, but based on emotion.

They Are More Human and They Show the Personality of The Brand


The style and the messaging of explainer videos are very simple and humane. Customers can easily relate to them. Having one also gives you the chance to showcase your brand persona.

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TFUS: Thinking. Forming. Unlocking. Shaping.