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Bridging Customer Experience Essentials to Businesses.

Who We Are

A company where all add value, and where all cultures belong. Our unique "We Are Cxer's" attitude underpins everything we do.

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Hello and welcome to CX Essentials. We’re a company that helps small-to-medium-to-large ambitious businesses upgrade from good-to-great. The products, services, and solutions we offer focus on Customer Experience. Established in Qatar in 2018, CX Essentials is owned by its founders who also manage the business. At CX Essentials, the vision is bridging Customer Experience Essentials to businesses achieve extraordinary results, outperform and evolve. CX Essentials starts with a C, our customers are of particular importance to us and we are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to put our funds and improve ourselves to achieve great-to-greater for our customers.


Name Story & Brand

Customer Experience is the most important element in an organization – Some of us know this consciously and others sub-consciously. We decided to build a purposeful company to help businesses and bring experiences that triggers total captivation from the first touch-point forward.

Cxessentials starts with C – The Customer, born with the genes of X – The Experience, and The Essentials which is a sheer necessity. So, we merged Customer Experience and Essentials and named it Cxessentials. Our logo eventually took shape from the refinements to take the center stage. It evolved into a sophisticated purposeful clean and visual brand-mark. We played with the alphabets and unified C and X with an arrow character in the contextual suggesting move-forwards.






RGB: 255/255/255
HEX: #ffffff
CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RAL: 9010

Progressive Red

RGB: 245/5/55
HEX: #f50537
CMYK: 0/100/90/00
Pantone 032C
RAL: 028


RGB: 0/0/0
HEX: #000000
CMYK: 40/0/0/100
Pantone Black
RAL: 9005



A company where all add value, and where all cultures belong. Our unique We Are Cxer’s attitude underpins everything we do.

Uncompromising on our essence, we are

Customer experience is considered the interaction between a company and a customer over the duration of their relationship at all touch points.



We Bridge It

Supra and the best of what we do with an X. Cxessentials is about bridging Customer Experience Essentials to businesses achieve extraordinary results, outperform, and evolve.



Poised to meet challenges.

Our extensive in-house capabilities, a blend of the very best-in-class partners, allow us to break all existing conventions offering purpose-built essentials that propel our customers businesses.

With us you will always be on top.

Discover it for your self.

Business Focus

Experience and resource at your service.

Through the seamless blend of our experience and people, we offer business-focused organizations the advantage of customer experience essentials and transform them into reality.


Our People

The key to the future.

We love working across teams to bring fresh ideas. It’s this togetherness that gets us results. Because of this we are agile and fast-moving. Our people are from all walks of life, different verticals and disciplines. The team brings a diverse skill set with decades of experience capable to deliver impeccably.

We continue seeking talents who are ready to embrace our attitude, unleash the potential and live the moments our customers love.


Sales Strategy

We practice BANT methodology as a part of our sales strategy making sure all team members follow the same workflow whilst handling every customer in a consultative customer-centric approach.



Extraordinary services to meet extraordinary needs



Innovative and world-class



Leading-edge training, learning and development

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